Who is Salome?

Welcome to where the hedonists are blessed.

Here it doesn’t matter what type of pleasure you seek. More than you realize, there will be others like you. Others who want you. Others missing you. It’s absurd to turn blind eyes and deaf ears to your desires. Here, we call them by name.

Salome was the daughter of Herodias and in Christian mythology is often illustrated as a femme fatale. Her seductive dance and siren-like allure causes John the Baptist’s demise.

In Oscar Wilde’s play Salome, she is depicted as a vain child, associated with lust, and grotesquely kisses John the Baptist’s severed head.Image

Fitting that Oscar Wilde, one of the most sexually oppressed and misjudged writers of all time, should write Salome’s story. It highlights society’s darkness.

Salome represents how physical desire, particularly female desire, is juxtaposed to sin. Traditional Christian and Catholic beliefs force the individual to deny their bodies.

Like Salome cursed by raw passion, I dispute the oppression of human nature.

Salome’s character is the absence of social construct. Salome is demonized to install these constructs in your head. Her beauty is not a curse. Her passion is liberating. Her intellect is the road to which we say:

I am Salome.


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