The Mystery of “La Petit Mort”

08-female-orgasm-w352…Or “the little death,” that is. The French have coined this term for orgasm, and for obvious reasons, right? Try and get anything out of me post-climax and you’ll be wasting your time. Most of my voice was lost during the animal noises anyway.

The female orgasm, as we have recently learned, is one of the most complex phenomena our biology has to offer. It not only begins in the brain, but travels the entire length of a woman’s body and is started through a synergistic performance of her autonomic nervous system (ANS), which an article on by Maria Popova calls “the puppeteer of arousal.”

If the ANS is happy, then comes the amazing workings of the “female pelvic nerve — a sort of information superhighway that branches out from the base of the spinal cord to the cervix,” says Popova. Every individual system is vital to the orgasm. And many consider the female orgasm so intricate that it is an extension of the female’s mental and spiritual well-being.

WHEW! But what about the elephant in the room???

It’s like the lochness monster or Bigfoot. There’s a part of you, the part drenched in youthful wonder, that knows it exists. Then there’s the more adult part of you. That’s the part that’s tired of fairy tales. Shit, you just want the truth.

Well here it is: vaginal orgasms do exist!


Masturbation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recent studies have concluded that stimulating different areas of the genitalia will activate slightly separate areas of the brain. In an article posted by by Stephani Pappas, Dr. Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University distinctly outlined the evidence that proves this.

All it took was a few brave women who, in the name of science, masturbated in an MRI machine. They are truly pioneers in the world of female sexuality and my vagina thanks them for this.

Each time the clitoris was touched, a flutter of activity could be seen, but when the vagina was stimulated, another area lit up. The article describes the area almost like a Venn diagram or a “cluster of grapes.” Therefore, climaxing via the vagina can be possible because it is activating it’s own set of neurons in the brain.

So now that we know they exist, how do they happen? The key is in accepting the belief system that female arousal and climax are a helluva lot more complicated than we thought. It’s not just the clit, it’s not just the G-spot, it’s not about her particular erogenous zones. It’s the whole shabang-abang! And every woman is different.

Almost every woman has her own “formula” or “structure,” so find out what it is, and go from there.

UnderstandingTheFemaleOrgasmPart1-67596Hmmm, I guess we weren’t really going to disprove the fact that female orgasms, especially the vaginal, can be difficult to achieve. But on the contrary, why don’t we just look at them as more of an exciting sexual feat that only the fit and brave can accomplish? Are YOU up for the challenge?

From personal experience, I can tell you: don’t forget how often our own bodies can surprise us. Don’t shy away from what you think you are capable of as a sexual partner either. We’re not talking Bigfoot, we’re talking real-life, kicking and screaming, intense pleasure!

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