BDSM’s Secret Ingredient

FB_IMG_1445188351412Mistress Jade has been approached several times about providing “personal services” in private. Not only at her debut this year at the heralded Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, but also back at home.

As much as Mistress Jade loves hearing the word no, it does pain her to say it in response. Sure, she would love to whip and humiliate as many victims as she can get her strap-on near, but there is one thing. Intimacy.

BDSM combines various techniques, taboo acts, painful demonstrations of forced pleasure and displeasure, but above all it’s intimate. And intimacy can be very exhausting!

It may be hard to observe this intimacy amongst the ropes, leather, torture devices and costumes, but the intimacy is there.

It’s safe to say that those who engage in “sex magick” are exposing a very big part of themselves. They are committing their sexual and sometimes secret behaviors to the trust of another. To have the freedom to wholly open up is at the core of this topic.

Because let’s be honest, you’re more than just physically naked, the innermost desires that haunt you, the inklings of deviant thoughts, all of these things are what lay on the table.

The psyche of the lovers can easily be denounced as perverted or sick. But on the contrary, the exposure of these yearnings for sexual exploration are simply symptoms of a healthy mind expelling energy and seeking the positive.

It’s catharsis at its best!

And those playing don’t have to be necessarily involved with one another either. The energy and heat exchanged can still be intimate even if the parties are just friends, or even strangers.

Ever had a public spanking? I highly recommend it. You’ll quickly see how the intimacy is shared between you and the dom…

So, this is all to say, that no, Mistress Jade doesn’t make house calls. She doesn’t have that amount of intimate energy to share. To do this on a regular basis would be emotional suicide.

However, many men and women are equipped to do it. And many believe that intimacy plays such as small role that they can hang in extensively. After all, plenty of people consider being a professional dom their livelihood and lifestyle.

But Mistress Jade, on the other hand, is best tasted in small doses and often with a glass of scotch afterwards.


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